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Natalie Lane Eden, LLC

Fully licensed Faith-Based Clinical Counseling

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Illinois)

Licensed Professional Counselor (Pennsylvania)

Confidential and Convenient Access to Faith-based Counseling in Downtown Chicago, Illinois and Warren, Pennsylvania!

Whether you need a confidential location away from your home territory or an easy phone call in the privacy of your own home, I offer in-office and telecounseling services.

I am accepting new clients at my offices in downtown Chicago, Illinois near the French Market/Ogilvie and in the historic "flat iron" building in downtown Warren, Pennsylvania.

Also for those who live in the rural areas of Pennsylvania and Illinois and meet certain specifications, I offer phone and telecounseling services.


(c) 2016 Natalie Eden. Historical Warren, PA

[email protected]


564 W Randolph Street

Chicago, IL 60661


315 Second Avenue

Warren, Pennsylvania 16365